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BUFFER® Canned Radish Growing Kit at Home
BUFFER® Canned Radish Growing Kit at Home

BUFFER® Canned Radish Growing Kit at Home (EE75YT1469)

Provider : Atasan

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Buffer Canned Radish Growing Kit at Home - Start Gardening with Radish, Strawberries and More - Simple and Fast Results How does the idea of ​​growing Radish at home sound? What if we say that you can easily grow strawberries with the Practical Easy Home Canned Raidsh Growing Kit? You did not hear it wrong, you can grow your own strawberries at home with the Canned Radish Seed Planting Set. Practical Easy Home Canned Radish Growing Kit - Fill the special seed tube that comes out of your can with water and wait 24 hours. - Take 1 cm from the canned soil and pour the seed tube into the can. - Put the soil you bought back on the seeds and pour 2 seed tubes full of water. Growing Strawberries with a Radish Kit at Home - Water 1 seed tube full every day to moisten the soil. - Choose a place with light for the seeds to germinate. - Seeds begin to germinate within 1 week at 18 degrees and above. When they are 15-20 cm, plant your seedlings in a large pot. - You can start eating with pleasure within 10 weeks.
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