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BUFFER® Battery Hobby Engraving Carving Grinding Pen of metal wood glass carving

BUFFER® Battery Hobby Engraving Carving Grinding Pen of metal wood glass carving (G7YT0306)


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Battery Operated Pencil Grinder Carving Engraving (metal Wood Glass) Eze Engraver If you like the product, which enables to make a super special machining Engraving Art by on the items you want for those of you that your belongings! Just like a battery-powered pen used on wood and metal engraving pen engraved with the goods for glass engraving and can write the way you can enjoy! Product features: Gragüv can write on the engraving machine grinding tool with metal steel wood surfaces electronics to furniture to leather products to glassware glass cups with picture frames on their cell phones bilgisayarlaraplas have those products that give value to things ring necklace gold ornaments to jewelry such as silverware and collections of items and make way! everything on your ad or logo that you want to tell your belongings with you kalemleyaz this Engraving Machine engraving. You would be protected by preventing the theft of goods with the engraving pen. Wood carving engraving is a permanent feature of the tag can not be removed from any form of article you write. Engraving by pressing the control button on the grinding carving can begin the writing process. Package Included: 1 Ez Engraver Engraving Engraved Pen Product Size: 20x11 cm
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