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Atasan Global

Atasan Global has been supplying products to hundreds of companies since 2012. It continues its journey by developing more products and services every year, increasing the number of sales and the number of employees. It provides flexible, fast and high quality service to its customers and serves from 3 different points with Bağcılar İstoç, Eminönü Tahtakale and GOP warehouse.


Yenitoptanci.com is Turkey's and Europe's largest b2b sales site. It has expanded its product range day by day and reached 40,000-odd products. It aims to keep customer satisfaction and profit at the highest level by offering the most competitive prices to its customers in the market. Our site offers a secure, flexible, fast and qualified shopping experience, accessible to 13.000 dealers.


With our dropshipping service, Yenistoksuz.com can upload our products via XML or manually to your site, and when the order comes, we can send it to your customer on your behalf. You will have the opportunity to buy thousands of products wholesale from where you live. We provide XML to hundreds of e-commerce sites, you can add our free XML to your site.

Yenitoptanci.com is your business partner for both online and offline sales!

Your Professional Supplier for All Your Sales Operations

Offline Stores

Your physical stores; We supply products to discount markets, discount shopping malls, souvenir shops.

Marketplace Vendors

We supply products to e-commerce companies that sell from dozens of marketplace platforms such as Trendyol, N11, Hepsiburada, Çiçeksepeti.

E-commerce Sites

We supply products on the basis of wholesale parcels or pallets to companies that sell through their own e-commerce site.

Chain Markets

We supply products that we produce and import to regional or national chain markets in the home life category.

Social Media Vendors

We generally supply products with dropshipping operation to people who sell products from media such as instagram, youtube, tiktok.

Reward/Loyalty Supply

We supply bulk promotional products for both the employees and special days and weeks of many corporate and global brands.

Amazon.com Supply

We supply advanced products to sellers on Amazon.com, we manage all processes from A to Z. We supply FBA-FBM-Vendor.

Shopify Supply

We supply products in bulk or dropshipping to individuals and companies engaged in dropshipping or bulk trading through Shopify.


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Why Yenitoptanci.com?

One Stop Order

You do not need to work with dozens of different companies, You can supply all products from a single point!

Rich Product Range

Thousands of products are at your fingertips at factory prices.

Get It Without Charge

Add new products to your store without spending any time.

Choose the Advantages That Are Right For You

Free Dealership & Free XML

Being a dealer is free, you can become a dealer instantly by filling out the dealer form. We provide XML to hundreds of e-commerce sites, you can add our free XML to your site.

10 Years of Experience

You can shop with confidence with our 10 years of B2B Experience, and you can contact us for information about the sector.


We simplify every step of the trade journey with air, sea and land transportation, as well as transportation methods such as airplanes, ships, trains, containers, trucks, minivans.

Sample and Special Production

Select the product you want to see a sample of. Write to the customer support team with the product code. Our support team will contact the relevant factory and provide the requesting sample.

Request for Quotation

Submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ), have it reviewed by our expert team, and we'll contact you.

Offline Store Supply

We offer solutions for customers who purchase large quantities in bulk to store and resell.

Get discovered by leading commercial buyers in Turkey.
What our customers say:
Lots of product options
I can find any product I want on Yenitoptanci.com. I can contact and get help on any issue that comes to my mind.

I increase the number of products at no cost
With the free XML opportunity, I increase my sales by increasing the number of my own products.

Quality product, quality service
You see quality at every point of shopping. Both in the products and in the service you receive.

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