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Who are we?
Atasan Global has been supplying products to hundreds of companies since 2012. It continues its journey by developing more products and services every year, increasing the number of sales and the number of employees. It provides flexible, fast and quality service to its customers and serves from 3 different points with Bağcılar İstoç, Eminönü Tahtakale and GOP warehouse.
Our Services
  • - Offline Stores : Your physical stores; We supply products to discount markets, discount shopping malls, souvenir shops
  • - Marketplace Sellers: We supply products to e-commerce companies that sell from dozens of marketplace platforms such as Trendyol, N11, Hepsiburada, Çiçeksepeti.
  • - E-commerce Sites: We supply products on the basis of wholesale parcels or pallets to companies that sell through their own e-commerce site.
  • - Social Media Sellers: We generally supply products to people who sell products from channels such as instagram, youtube, tiktok, etc., with a dropshipping operation.
  • - Shopify Sourcing: We supply products by wholesale or dropshipping method through Shopify.
  • - Supply : We supply advanced products to sellers on, we manage all processes from A to Z. We supply FBA-FBM-Vendor.
  • - Chain Markets: We supply products that we produce and import to regional or national chain markets in the home life category.
Our Advantages
  • - Free Franchise & Free XML: Being a dealer is free, you can become a dealer instantly by filling out the dealer form. We provide XML to hundreds of e-commerce sites, you can add our free XML to your site.
  • - 10 Years Experience: You can shop with confidence with our 10 years of B2B Experience, and you can contact us for information about the sector. Logistics We simplify every step of the trade journey with air, sea and land transportation, as well as transportation methods such as airplanes, ships, trains, containers, trucks, minivans.
  • - Sample and Special Edition: Select the product you want to see a sample of. Write to the customer support team with the product code. Our support team will contact the relevant factory and provide the requesting sample. Request for Quotation Submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ), it will be reviewed by our expert team and we will contact you.
  • - Offline Store Sourcing: We offer solutions for customers who buy in bulk in bulk to store and resell.
Is Membership Fee?
It is free to become a member of our site. You can easily create a membership by sharing your company billing information. Click to create a membership now: Become a Member
Why Should I Create an Account?
Creating an account helps you get the most out of the Yenitoptanci platform features. All users must be registered in order to make purchases.
How can I place my order from Yenitoptanci?
After your membership to our site is accepted, search our product catalog to find products that meet your criteria. You can create your order with the secure payment system by adding the products you are interested in to your cart.
Can I Order Only 1 Product From Yenitoptanci? sells on the basis of parcels and pallets, with its structure specially designed for B2B purchases.
Can I Make Any Changes After Creating An Order?
Changes can be made to the order during the pending contract and pending review phase. No changes can be made after the order has been accepted.
How Secure Is My Information?
Your data privacy is important to us. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information you provide to us and will take all reasonable and necessary measures to protect your personal information. We only collect information necessary to verify your identity and provide you with our services, improve your experience, and protect your account.
How Can I Pay For My Order?
After adding the products you have chosen to your cart, you can choose to pay by credit card or bank transfer.
When Can I Receive My Order?
You will receive the order on the estimated delivery date specified when placing the order.
Can Products Be Sent Together When Orders Are Created From Different Product Groups?
Even if you create your order from different categories or from the same category, all your order will be delivered to the address you specify with a single shipping service.
From which countries does Yeni wholesaler supply its products?
We provide full support for import, shipping and customs issues from major production and supplier countries around the world, especially in Turkey and China.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us via the Contact Us form on the website or you can reach Whatsapp us via
How do I list or upload products?
They can integrate the XML we have given to our dealers into their own marketplaces. XML Integration does not have any fees or extra documents. No IP registration is required. You can install it from the links below. Due to the fact that the accounting and e-commerce panel are connected to each other, instant updates are made.
How do I update existing products?
  • - The stock amounts in XML are very variable, so we recommend updating the XML at least once a day in the evening.
  • - If you are using integration software, you can inform your company that you want to automate your stock updates.
  • - If you are going to upload in Excel format, you have to do the stock controls manually via XML. You can close the products that are displayed as “stock 0” in the stock amount column via XML.
  • - When product stocks change, you can open it for sale again. When new products are added, you are informed via your registered e-mail address in the system. Thus, you can also offer new products for sale.
How do I find the right category for my products/How can I access Product Images?
Products are categorized in XML and Excel, ready to be uploaded with their visuals and explanations. To attract products from only certain categories, you can get products in that category by classifying from the category column.
When I forward the XML to the Integration Software I use, I get an incompatibility error, what should I do?
  • - We use Ticimax infrastructure, so the transactions we can do over the link are limited to the extent allowed by our infrastructure. You can request conversion from the Integration Software company you use on the subject, or prapazar, etc., which is suitable for our infrastructure. You can talk to companies.
  • - If you are experiencing an incompatibility with your e-commerce site, you can ask the infrastructure company you use for your site to forward the sample xml template, and you can send it to us on our Whatsapp Line.
My products were rejected by the Marketplace, what should I do?
Marketplaces prevent the loading of products with the same barcode and brand. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, you should change the barcodes of the products while uploading them to your marketplaces and put them on sale under your own brand. Authorization certificate is not provided by us.
Can You Upload The Products To My Marketplace/Provide Technical Support?
Our dealers provide Product Integration Transactions. We can only assist you in technical transactions related to You can report your technical support and product download requests to the support teams of the relevant marketplaces.
How can I fix issues with Rejected Products?
In order to install the products without any problems, you must install them in accordance with the instructions above. You can reinstall rejected products according to the instructions.
How can I register?
For our Dropshipping Service: You can create a free membership by clicking Register. After filling out the form, your membership will be automatically confirmed.
How can I start selling?
After you create your membership, you can obtain the relevant document from the XML-Excel Product Integration or Free XML link on the homepage of our site. After you integrate the document into your Marketplace or E-commerce Site, you can start selling. You can sell from marketplace platforms such as Trendyol and Hepsiburada, as well as social media platforms such as closet and letgo.
Which products can I upload to my Marketplace/E-Commerce Site?
There are approximately 1400 kinds of products registered as BUFFER in the categories of Home Decoration, Kitchen and Electrical Appliances, Bathroom, Home Textile, Garden and Construction Market, Furniture, Pet Shop, Gift and Promotion, Automotive and Outdoor, Accessories on our site. You can sell these products.
How do I order the products I sell on Yenistocksiz?
  • - You can reach the products you sell by searching the product stock code in the search section on Yenistoksuz.
  • - After adding the products to the cart and making sure that you have filled in the address form correctly, you can create your order by making the payment.
  • - You can also watch our short training video for detailed information about Order Creation. Video
Will I Pay Fee For Dropshipping Membership/Service?
It is completely free to become a dealer and obtain XML on Yenistoksuz. A service fee of 2 TL will be added to your cart due to costs such as "order-based" cargo packaging and worker expenses related to the dropshipping service.
Is there an Order Lower Limit in Yenistoksuz?
No, there is no sublimit.
Which shipping company do you work with?
We are working with ARAS KARGO company.
Apart from Aras cargo, can we go out with cargo such as Trendyol Express- All Jet?
You can log out, but you must enter "Atasan Warehouse - Karadeniz Mahallesi General Aldoğan Caddesi 1129 Sokak No:1/A Gaziosmanpaşa Istanbul (near dalkur kuruyemis)" in the Shipping Address section of the detail pages of the products we supply in the relevant panels, and your own address information for the return address. that way, Trendyol Express and Hepsi Jet teams come to take orders. Likewise, this process can be done on an order basis. The important thing here is that when the products are received at Trendyol Express, the "confirm the reconciliation" button should be marked on the panel. Otherwise, the order does not see movement in the main collection center. If you are not going to use Trendyol Express or Hepsijet Cargo, you must enter your own address information in the Shipping and Return address information.
Which marketplaces do you ship to?
We can send orders from all known marketplaces.
What are the responsibilities of the dealer in the whole order operation?
After the order is transferred to, the status should be checked on the panels. If there is a problem, the order status has not changed Whatsapp must be supported. If the orders are not delivered after being shipped, first the cargo company and then the customer should be called and necessary efforts should be made to ensure that the order is delivered successfully. If the order is to be returned, he must enter his own location information into the system and receive the returns himself.
How are product returns handled?
  • - If there is a return originating from (wrong product delivery, missing product, defective product sent), the returns are made to and only the product price is refunded to the dealer, if the problem is requested to be compensated, will send the product. does it again and does not give any refund to the dealer.
  • - If the customer is not at home, when she cannot reach us, the product is sent to us as a return because it shows us as the cargo exit branch.
  • - If there is a problem caused by the dealer, customer and cargo (the product is broken in the cargo, the customer returns the product for any reason, does not like the cargo, does not receive the cargo, gives up the order, breaks down after using it for a while, the product is broken in the cargo, cracked or broken, the dealer is wrong and missing. entering information, etc.) here, the product price and shipping costs are not reimbursed. The dealer is responsible for following the order continuously and being in constant contact with the customer. In case of cargo-related problems, a damage assessment report or due diligence report should be kept. Cargoes going back and forth to the customer are not offered for sale again by
What can I do if the customer has requested a return due to reasons such as dislike / abandonment, although there is no defect in the product?
You can give a rejection response to the return request. You can refuse the return and write the reason for the rejection. The use of the product is a valid reason. The marketplace will consider your request.
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