Dropshipping, translated into Turkish as "direct shipping", is known as an e-commerce method. Dropshipping, which can also be defined as stockless e-commerce, stands out with the advantages it brings to sellers. This method, which does not have processes such as cargo management and product storage, is very common among e-commerce companies.

What is Dropshipping?

The dropshipping model, which does not require processes such as stocking and storage of products, is a model that provides a bridge between the buyer and the seller and allows retail sales to be realized more easily.

How to Dropshipping?

The logic of application of the dropshipping method is that after the customers purchase the products, the companies transmit the customer information to the supplier, and then the supplier delivers the products to the customers. Companies aiming to do dropshipping should first determine the platforms where they can do this application. For this, it is very important for companies to have an e-commerce site or virtual market area.

Things to Consider While Dropshipping

When applying the dropshipping model, companies need to take careful steps. Firms that use the same method in the business process become direct competitors to each other. For this reason, companies should first take care to make the competition analysis correctly. The effective selection of the supplier platform also brings significant advantages to the companies. On the other hand, finding an e-commerce page suitable for efficient use is important in terms of reaching wider audiences and making sales quickly. Effective planning for the correct determination of the target customer group also helps companies in the dropshipping process.

Dropshipping Advantages

There are many advantageous situations that the dropshipping model brings to companies. To briefly list these situations;

  • It is low cost.
  • There are no costs such as shipping, storage and production.
  • The workload is low.
  • There is the opportunity to work in partnership with many suppliers.
  • Firms are only interested in selling products.
  • The product range can be expanded as desired.
  • Different customer groups can be reached at the same time.
  • The whole process can be managed through digital systems.

Points to Know About Dropshipping in Turkey

Through the dropshipping method, most of the companies in Turkey can make sales transactions in both local and international markets. It is important for companies that want to sell on the local market to have an e-commerce site and various social media platforms. Companies that have determined their target audience can access the opportunity to earn high profits.

Major Market Points for Dropshipping

Companies that prefer to sell with the dropshipping model should choose the right and effective supplier. Companies choosing among dropshipping supplier options should consider some issues during the selection process. These issues can be listed as a common customer base, quality products, advanced technology and level of recognition.

Amazon Dropshipping

Amazon, which has a very important reputation and reliability level around the world, is one of the marketplaces where e-commerce companies can do effective dropshipping. Companies that have the opportunity to earn significant profits by selling on Amazon get the chance to appeal to millions of customers. This platform, which enables even a single product to reach many people at the same time, is frequently preferred by e-commerce companies due to its awareness and reliability level.

EBay Dropshipping

The dropshipping model used during e-commerce applications eliminates the stock problem and many of the situations that require extra cost, and offers the opportunity to sell with more comfortable and convenient processes. EBay has an important place among the marketplaces that companies use to implement the dropshipping sales model. This market place, which offers all the products to wider customer masses in a shorter time, is of great importance with the advantageous situations it brings and the profitable sales it provides.

Ali Express Dropshipping

Ali Express, which has made its name known both in Turkey and around the world, is a very convenient market place for dropshipping applications. This method, which minimizes the low capital risk and the probability of products remaining, can be carried out comfortably through Ali Express. Bringing the opportunity to sell to customers from many countries around the world at the same time, Ali Express also makes significant contributions to e-commerce companies making their name known.

Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify, which is a marketplace suitable for the application of the dropshipping model, is one of the platforms where there is no extra cost and sales are made quickly. One of the favorite choices of companies that want to have an effective and efficient dropshipping process is the Shopify platform. You can easily dropshipping with marketplaces such as this platform through New Wholesaler.

Trendyol Dropshipping

Every company that makes agreements with suppliers on the necessary issues can apply the dropshipping model on Trendyol. Trendyol, which has millions of visitors, brings many advantages to companies. Companies that have determined their target capital and audience can make efficient sales with their effective products.

Hepsiburada Dropshipping

Dropshipping, which is known as the sale of products that are not in stock by companies through suppliers, is very common among e-commerce companies around the world. Standing out with its effective sales opportunity and reaching thousands of people at the same time, Hepsiburada has an important place in dropshipping applications.

How to Choose a Dropshipping Product?

Dropshipping application is a strategic model that is of great importance for e-commerce companies to get ahead of their competitors and to make efficient sales. Directing the right products to effective target audiences ensures maximum benefit with minimum cost. Companies that are undecided about which products to sell with dropshipping should do a detailed research. In this research, in which the actions of competitors are taken into account, the trend and the latest fashion should also be followed. It should be examined in which areas the users are directed and what kind of products they like through social media. In addition, it should be kept in the foreground which products will make the most of the sales and at what rate they will make profits for the companies. The feedback of the customers about the products and the strategic methods to be followed during the sales process are very important in terms of the advantages that the dropshipping model will provide to the company.

Dropshipping Companies

The dropshipping sales model is becoming more and more widespread both in the world and in Turkey. Especially the fact that the e-commerce sector is oriented to this field enables the sale of a wide variety of products in different concepts. Companies that want to sell products have the opportunity to earn high rates with the right supplier selection. Due to the development of technology in recent years, the number of companies that prefer the online wholesale method has increased significantly. This method, which enables thousands of customers to be reached at the same time in a short time, affects both customers and companies to make their shopping transactions more comfortable. There are hundreds of companies in Turkey that prefer to use the dropshipping model.

Companies That Provide Dropshipping XML


In addition to the dropshipping model applied by more and more companies every day, the XML dealership type is also of great importance. XML dealership, which allows shopping and wholesale to proceed more comfortably, makes it possible to view the feedbacks of the customers about the products in an instant and up-to-date format. The dropshipping model, which eliminates problems such as stock and shipping costs, becomes more effective and efficient with XML integration. Companies that provide dropshipping XML do not care about updating their e-commerce sites or making changes to the details of the products. With Dropshipping XML, companies that put their products on sale through suppliers have significant advantages.





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