• Yenitoptanci.com provides XML to more than 200 e-commerce platforms in Turkey and abroad. Therefore, he is very experienced in XML and carries out many special studies.
  • XML Integration does not have any fees or extra documents. No IP registration is required. You can install it from the links below. Due to the fact that the accounting and e-commerce panel are connected to each other, instant updates are made.
  • The stock amounts in Yenitoptanci.com XML are very variable, so we recommend updating the XML at least once a day in the evening.
  • In Yenitoptanci.com XML, stock quantities are reflected by decreasing a certain amount for the sake of guarantee, and the number of a product is reflected in the warehouse. In case our dealers demand a whole product, not all of the products are provided, but a certain amount is kept in stock.
  • You can send an e-mail to [email protected] regarding any XML issue you receive from Yenitoptanci.com.
  • At Yenitoptanci.com, the average number of products with 1200 active and stocks varies, and the average product stock amount is 469. You can send an e-mail to [email protected] for all your questions and requests.


XML Dealership

XML Dealership or dropshipping supplier is a term frequently encountered by those who are engaged in electronic commerce or who want to be. In this article, we will share everything you wonder about XML Dealership, about which those who want to operate in this field do a lot of research.

What is XML Reseller?

Traditional trading methods have been replaced by virtual trading methods with the spread of the internet. E-commerce, which we define as virtual commerce, is again divided into different categories within itself. This distinction takes place in the context of whether the sales are stocked or unstocked.

 XML Dealership is all of the e-commerce and e-export transactions carried out without any stock, preferred by many sellers today. This method, which is carried out without stock, comes to life in the context of feedback received from the supplier.

How to Get XML Reseller?

The most important step for people who want to do e-commerce without stock is to get XML Dealership. Regardless of the industry, it is possible to find XML suppliers in many areas. The way to do this is as follows:

  1. First of all, do research about the companies that give XML and make your decision among these companies.
  2. Make the application requested by the firm that you made your decision.
  3. Wait for your XML supplier to contact you.

All About the Application and Registration Process for the XML Reseller System

Knowing more about the process is of great importance in order to receive this service smoothly. At this point, we will try to give you all the information you will need.

First of all, there are many companies that provide XML dealership services in the market. Although the conditions of these companies are clear, you must accept the conditions and make the necessary agreements in order to receive this service. The terms and conditions of the XML Dealer agreement are as follows:

  • Information about the product or products to be sold,
  • Selling price in line with profit expectation,
  • The shipping method of the products to be sold,
  • Shipping costs,
  • Payment and returns information.

What are the Required Conditions and Documents for XML Dealer Application?

Since XML Dealership is a service received under an agreement, there are some conditions and documents that companies will demand from you when reaching this agreement. The first thing you need to do is to fill out the form requested by the company you prefer. As the last step, the documents that companies can request from you in order to prove the accuracy of the information you provide in the form are as follows:

  • Name-surname information,
  • Contact information,
  • Address and company information,
  • Tax registration information for your company.

Points to Consider in XML Exporting Firms

As we mentioned before, there are many companies that provide XML services. Although it is difficult to choose when there are so many options, companies that provide some services come to the fore. Choosing these companies will give you a plus in almost every step of the e-commerce process. We have listed the points you should pay attention to when buying XML services for you.

  1. Before choosing your company, be sure to do a detailed research about the company. In these researches, you can take a look at their experience, number of satisfied users and social media accounts.
  2. Examine the sales and dealer prices of the products you plan to sell in detail by the company.
  3. Investigate if suppliers do not charge any fees. An extra fee requested may affect you negatively.
  4. Make sure that the company you will enter into the agreement has an SSL certificate.
  5. Pay attention to whether the company that you will receive XML service from uses a virtual pos system.

What are the Advantages of XML Reseller System?

XML reseller has many advantages. If you take advantage of XML reseller, the advantages you will get are as follows:

  • You can make your sales without worrying about stock. This means that you will not have to deal with extra fees such as warehouse.
  • Even if you do not have a large capital, you can benefit from the opportunities that e-commerce brings to you.
  • Since you do not have to deal with details such as supplying products or the logistics of these products, you can use the time and energy you will spend in this area to ensure customer satisfaction and increase your sales.
  • Getting an XML dealership is not a long process and most vendors who meet the necessary conditions can benefit from this service.
  • The number of dropshipping suppliers is increasing every day and the number of companies that you can get effective service from is quite high.

In addition to the many advantages we have listed, we will also talk about the contributions of this system to companies for you.


What are the Contributions of XML Dealership to Companies?

Although XML Dealership has many contributions to companies, the most important one is the opportunity to sell without worrying about stock. In this context, each of the transactions that you will spend extra labor, energy, time and capital will be carried out by a company on your behalf, and it will be possible for you to save from each of these resources.

Companies Submitting XML to E-Commerce Sites

As we mentioned before, the number of wholesale XML companies is quite high. Although the quality and breadth of their services vary, the most well-known companies in this field can be listed as follows:

  1. Yenitoptanci.com
  2. Aktifbebek
  3. SETA
  4. Goldstore
  5. Benim Halım
  6. Artikel
  7. Ozpa
  8. OXYD

Companies that Provide Free XML to E-Commerce Sites

Free XML service is an area that is mostly in demand and researched in detail, especially by institutions that create an e-commerce site with less capital. At this point, it is a matter of curiosity whether there are companies that provide free XML.

There are companies that provide free XML services, but the conditions of these companies may differ. Therefore, it is important that you examine these companies in detail and make your decision accordingly. You should pay attention to issues such as whether there is an integration with the marketplace or Excel that suits you, whether the stock management is done skillfully.

XML Reseller and Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a sales method that allows you to sell without stock. Logic, on the other hand, is based on the fact that you buy the products you plan to sell from the appropriate market and sell them by making a profit. In this context, companies that provide XML Dealership services make your work very easy, providing you with both a safe and an income without patience.

Best Dropshipping Supplier

Although the number of dropshipping suppliers is quite high, the companies that have a plus among them are the ones that can provide you with the most appropriate and qualified service. Yenitoptanci.com stands out in this field with its Excel and extensive Marketplace integration; In order to provide you with trouble-free and qualified service, it performs stock management skillfully.

What are the Pros of Yenitoptanci.com for XML Dealership?

Yenitoptanci.com is an experienced company working in the field of XML Dealership. It has many basic features that distinguish it from other companies working in its field. 6 reasons to make your choice in the direction of yenitoptanci.com:

  1. The area where Yenitoptanci.com performs product integration is quite wide. In Turkey, sites such as N11, Hepsiburada, Gittigidiyor, Amazon, Çiçeksepeti, PttAvm, sahibinden, Sonteklif, Bitenekadar and Zebrama are among the markets where yenitoptanci.com performs product integration.
  2. Yenitoptanci.com, which provides integration both in the country and abroad, such as Ebay, Amazon, AliExpress, Rakuten, Wish, Zoodmall, Etsy, Allegro.pl, Wallmart, Wayfair, Real.de, Cdiscount, ePrice, Otto, Ozon.ru, Joom offers its services for each of the sites.
  3. Yenitoptanci.com offers you Excel integration services.
  4. It performs stock management professionally with its experience in the field. 
  5. It offers you integration services in the field of social media, product integration sites, price comparison sites, open source e-commerce sites and e-commerce packages.
  6. Since the updates are made instantly, the services provided by yenitoptanci.com take place without any problems.



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