Why Should I Become a Reseller?

- Start a partnership without capital investment
- Earn lucrative commission on every purchase
- Sales with our team with 10 years of B2B e-commerce experience
we are doing.
- Your products to Yenitoptanci.com will be sent to you by our team.
is loading.
- So you don't waste time and energy for hours and days.
- Communication with the dealers in Yenitoptanci.com in 3 different languages
we install and solve possible problems.
- There is currently a fee for selling your products on Yenitoptanci.com
We do not demand.
- Sales and marketing of your products with the millions of data we have
We do the marketing.
- Yenitoptanci.com, Turkey's and Europe's largest B2B
It will be one of the portals.
- With domestic and national software that will include products produced in Turkey
It is a built platform.

What Do We Expect From Manufacturers?

We are a very profitable operation with very high sales volumes.
We want to manage the process. Therefore, dozens of manufacturers in the market
We add the "most affordable" products to our data.
Therefore, we request you to give special prices below the market.
we do.
Excel format of TL price list with special discounts
to be shared on a regular basis,
With which we can communicate instantly, about products or production
a constant contact where we can get quick answers when we ask questions,
All kinds of data of your products, product name, code, box volumes, parcel
lengths and weight, GTIP code, descriptions, prices, product
sharing the content of photos,
When the order is made, the packaging and packaging are suitable for export.
to be done as.

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