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BUFFER® Pet Seat Cover - Brown
BUFFER® Pet Seat Cover - Brown

BUFFER® Pet Seat Cover - Brown (AB25YT16735)

Provider : Atasan

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"Your Cats And Dogs With Sponge Filling Soft Structure Will Be Very Comfortable! Many Animals Will Be Eliminated With This Product Of Hair And Feather Problem With The Common Problem Of Delicious! With This Covering That Can Be Used On The Seat, Both You And Your Pet Will Be Comfortable. On Top Of The Seat, Our Friends Are Often Caused By Deformation And Contamination İn The Seats. Thanks To This Product, You Will Be Completely Free From These Problems! Product Features: - Sponge Filled Quilting Fabric - Filled Seat Support İs A Bed Rather Than A Cover For Cats And Dogs. - It Prevents Their Plumage From Sticking İnto The Seat And Provides Comfort On The Seat For Pets. - You Can Easily Start Using The Seat Easily. - The Washing Machine Can Be Washed. Colour: - Brown Product Sizes: - 85X150 Cm Package Included: - 1Pcs Pet Seat Cover "
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