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BUFFER® Giving the dark night Shining Light Decorative Pebbles

BUFFER® Giving the dark night Shining Light Decorative Pebbles (E97YT1472)


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Giving Night Light Shining in the dark Phosphorescent Decorative Pebbles 50 Potted Gardens Shimmering highlighter Aquarium and Pebble garden with pots can create a spectacular showcase in areas such as image you can use all the indoor and outdoor lighting. Phosphorous Shining Pebble Features Without the need for extra batteries or power supply has an infinite loop. Phosphorescent pebbles through eliminating potting soil located in your image completely at night you can get a spectacular view. Phosphorous garden landscape stone walkways everywhere parking entrance provides a decorative appearance that may come your aquarium and swimming pools mind. Since seeing the beam in 1 minute it absorbs sunlight and fluorescent green light gives the perfect shape for 4-8 hours in the dark of night. Special thanks to the dark matter in the glare of the glowing phosphorescent stones content performs in a very short time. Collects within the sun or light energy and emit the energy it collects in dark environments. In this way there is a never loses its infinite energy conversion feature. Phosphorus is not the glittering pebble painting products on the market. It does not contain toxic and radioactive materials. You can use as aquarium gravel move it is not harmful to nature. Color Phosphorus Pebbles are different sizes and appearance of each other asymmetrically. Night Shining Pebble Package Content: 50 Phosphorus Stone
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