Logistics Management and Applications in E-Commerce

Logistics Management and Applications in E-Commerce

One of the most functional advantages of technology, which continues to develop day by day, the ability to perform many transactions with a single click has made the supply of products over the internet extremely practical, easy and effortless. Many brands take their place in e-commerce as well as physical stores and take advantage of the advantages of the virtual environment.

So much so that today, shopping from all areas is made from e-commerce sites at a high rate. The operation of e-commerce sites is a balanced supply and sales chain that combines many criteria. Logistics, which is the most important criterion in the e-commerce sector, stands out as a factor that fundamentally affects the whole process. For this reason, logistics management in e-commerce is a very important issue in terms of managing all activities correctly.

What are the Purposes of E-Commerce Logistics Applications?

When planned correctly, e-commerce logistics management ensures that existing or potential consumer relationships are based on solid foundations and brand awareness increases, as well as marketing and sales balance, which is of great importance.

  • Prompt supply of out of stock products

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering every product purchased via e-commerce on time

  • Storage of products in the company according to their classes 

Logistics support that serves many areas, provides time-saving fast delivery and customer satisfaction, which is the most important point in e-commerce. The greatest support in managing the process from the point of supply of the products to the delivery is provided by the services provided within the scope of logistics management in e-commerce. 

What Does the New Wholesaler Offer You in E-Commerce Logistics Applications?  

Our company, which has been advancing with more than 10 years of experience as the largest b2b sales site in Turkey and Europe, has been supplying products to countless companies since its establishment and offers all logistics plans. Our site and services, which have a capacity of reaching 13.000 dealers in total, have a mission to provide maximum customer satisfaction with pricing policies that will keep the level of competition high. Aiming to keep your earnings at the highest level, Yeni Toptancı provides support to your enterprise in every context with its logistics management in e-commerce.  

Yeni Toptancı works with the business to business system. In other words, it offers an extremely safe and fast shopping experience thanks to its carefully developed system based on business to business. With the XML we provide to thousands of e-commerce sites free of charge, you can easily sell the product you want on your own website and make sales. In addition to all these, we provide you with the advantage of delivering your products to your buyers by us, allowing you to have a qualified process. You can continue your sales processes without any problems by taking advantage of the wholesale service of thousands of products without any effort.  

BUFFER products, which are the brand of our organization, are released on the same day with warehouse shipment. Instead of working with many different companies, it is now very easy to procure all the products you want from a single point with ex-factory prices, with Yeni Toptancı. 

Scopes of our Logistics Management Service in e-commerce:

  • Weather

  • Sea

  • Land

  • Aeroplane

  • Ship

  • Train 

  • Truck

  • Minivan 

  • Container

With our diverse logistics support, we enable you to realize your trade journey in the most practical way and simplify the process.You can take advantage of our free dealership opportunity with one click, send a request for quotation at any time and get evaluation and feedback from our support team. Our expert team in logistics management in e-commerce is with you with one click!

In general, you can find all products that are in small quantities in the market, not available in every city or very difficult to find in our company. You can also easily find and supply the products you need by browsing our imported products. With our wide product range, we support every request and offer solutions.  

What Categories Does the Yeni Toptancı Include?

  • Home Decoration

  • Kitchen and Electrical Appliances

  • Bathroom

  • Home Textiles

  • Garden and Construction Market

  • Furniture 

  • Pet Shop 

  • Gift and Promotion

  • Automotive and Outdoor

  • Accessory

In the sub-units of our product range, which is divided into 10 units when categorized in a general scope, there are products for every need and appealing to every field. 

What are the Logistics Processes in the E-Commerce Industry?

The product sales operation is a system that must be carried out meticulously. The continuation of each step in a pre-planned manner is the main factor affecting the whole process. Logistics management processes in e-commerce are as follows:

  • Transportation of products from the manufacturer to the seller 
  • Arrangement of warehouses
  • Ensuring the management of stocks
  • Classification of products
  • Systematic planning and execution of payment plans
  • Packaging process
  • Realization of distributions
  • Delivery
  • Providing all necessary procedures for the sales process

These steps, which are within the scope of logistics management in e-commerce, are the most important reason why customers prefer online shopping more than physical shopping. Therefore, it is essential that the processes are carried out regularly in order to ensure the continuity of the preferred system.

The advantage of this process, which is very important for your company, means more sales together with the trust in your brand. The high quality of your service makes you competitive and allows you to stand out from other companies. The most important issue that harms the satisfaction in the service provided to the customers is the stock status. The fact that any product that is not available on the website can be purchased by customers harms the brand image. With the logistics management in e-commerce, immediate information is provided to the sales unit of the products that are not in stock. If a correct and uninterrupted communication is provided, the whole process can be managed correctly.  

Another important part of the logistics management service in e-commerce is the delivery process. In this context, the follow-up of the delivery process is also carried out by logistics management. The process is managed by the rapid delivery of the products in the process expected by the customers, and the taking measures against possible malfunctions. The return and exchange system, which provides trust to the brand and the company, is also carried out with logistics management. When a product is requested to be returned or exchanged, it is returned to stock..  

As a result, the purpose of logistics management service in e-commerce is to create a plan for the correct execution of all necessary steps in the shopping process and to implement the created plan. The whole process is completely customer satisfaction oriented.

What are the E-Logistics Advantages?

E-logistics is an internet technologies-based system and provides information services with more solutions than traditional logistics, since it provides online-based management of the entire process.  

  • Supported by dynamic information systems 

  • Enables customers and all business partners to work in an integrated way

  • Provides stock forecast

  • Allows maximum control over all activities with the existing technological infrastructure

  • The cost of the developed activities is much more affordable than the traditional logistics process. 

  • Provides better process management when interacting with customers

  • Increases the variety of services provided

While many disadvantages such as transportation, vehicle, parking problems and warehouse problems arise in the traditional logistics process, such problems are not in question in the e-logistics process. Since no activity can be carried out in the absence of logistics management in e-commerce, everyone who does business in this field should receive e-logistics service.

It should not be forgotten that e-commerce is a sector that provides high-speed development. Therefore, technological investments will gain importance at the same rate today when competition is at a high level and in the future when it will increase even more.You can use our website to get more detailed information about logistics management in e-commerce, browse our products and many more, or you can contact our support team by filling out the form from the contact us button.  

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July 19, 2022
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